de Paz Arts is Oscar Eduardo de Paz, Stephanie de Paz, their three kids, and their mischievous dog Sunny.

We Strive
To give our supporters moments and experiences of joy, wonder, and awe
To impact our supporters, individuals, communities, and the world positively through art
To create lasting heartfelt connections between people through art
To create art for the living spaces and handwritten correspondences of courageous individuals and communities striving for a world in which diverse peoples are connected to each other and nature in a spirit of joy, love, justice, kindness, and beauty. 
To reduce excess and waste in our production, packaging, and shipping processes

We Believe
Art is joy
Art is to be shared
Art is magical
Art can invoke a sense of joy and wonder to both the maker and receiver
In the power of art to inspire, motivate, heal, and connect people and communities in the purpose of creating a better world. 

We Value
Relationships and Partnerships
Honest and Transparent Communication

That’s de Paz Arts.
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